Succession Planning Webinar

Who will cry when you die?

The webinar will be on 4th July, Sunday, from 11am – 12.30pm. Will be jointly conducted by SBI AMC experts and Col Sanjeev Govila, CEO, Hum Fauji Initiatives.

Why are we doing it?

The past one year has been quite traumatic for us at Hum Fauji – not because of the difficult market and business conditions that we faced, but because of the large number of our investors who left for their heavenly abode due to Covid and other causes during this period. In fact, the number of fatalities amongst our esteemed patrons in the past one year has been more than that we have handled in the entire 10 years before that!

While the investments done through us by the departed soul have been well-handled without the families facing any problems, we constantly encountered serious problems as far as their other investments and aspects of personal finance were concerned. We did step-in into a large number of cases to help but finally, the issues had to be handled by the family members themselves and, needless to say, in many cases, it caused a lot of trauma to them. To us, it was really very heart-breaking to see families suffer like that.

The sad thing to note in almost all such cases is that it was really avoidable. Nomination, Will, control of property after you, Witnesses, management of minor children, management of Special Children, practical ways to distribute real estate, living Will – there are so many aspects to management of your money and assets after you – and an average fauji doesn’t start even with one of them!!

Do take out time for this webinar. We have created adequate capacity for it – 3000 virtual seats to be precise. We will give away practical tools to take ahead in this very interactive webinar.

Be there to ensure you do not leave behind a mess after you…

The formats include:

  • Living Will
  • Financial PoA (in case one gets physically or mentally incapacitated)
  • Trust for Special Child
  • Letter of Guardianship (if minor children and both parents pass away together)
  • ‘Letter of Wishes’ for the special child

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