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September Seminars

Hum Fauji Initiatives (HFI in short) is one of the biggest financial planning companies in the country in Personal Financial Advisory space and the only one in the country dedicated SOLELY to armed forces officers. Due to our vast reach amongst armed forces community, there has been a persistent demand from armed forces officers and their families to do more and go beyond the Personal Finance space and create a vibrant, positive ‘fauji community’ which bonds together and discusses issues relevant to it and close to its heart.

This has prompted us to take our ‘Freedom To Be’ community initiative a step ahead. We have planned to hold a series of webinars on subjects like security and strategy (which most of us are passionate about), entrepreneurship including socialpreneurs, showcasing fauji ladies who’ve risen to great heights in various fields, successful children of fauji community, etc. More topics could get added as we go ahead by-and-by. All of these venerate guests, speakers and panelists are bringing a change by constantly excelling in their chosen areas of work. They are the living examples of ‘Freedom To Be’.

Here’s an introduction to the upcoming seminars in the month of Sep 2020!
Kindly note there is a limit to the number of attendees for each seminar. We request those interested to Pre-Register through the link below to avoid disappointment.

Hum Fauji Initiatives

Fauji Veterans Who’ve made it big on the Civvy Street as Entrepreneurs War Room to Board Room
27th Sep 2020, Sunday at 11am

Amazing stories from Four of our own ex-Faujis, whose urge to do something different led them right to the centre of the topsy-turvy world of business, where a newcomer does not really get a very warm welcome.

These are the extraordinary gentlemen who plunged into something they had no idea of. Entrepreneurship is not a bed of roses by any standards, especially when the age is truly on your side.
Learn how they battled the plunge into seeming darkness, and put up with volatility of earnings, ambiguity of future and brutal competition to be the Czars in their chosen fields.

They have finally proved that it may take some time, but you can’t keep a good fauji down for long!

Learn your own lessons, make your own path, get inspired to do the unthinkable! For all you know, after listening to them, some bulbs may light up in your head

You get to meet these amazing Four persons on 27th Sep 2020, Sunday, at 11 AM (1100 hr) for 90 minutes – 75 minutes of discussion, 15 minutes of Q&A.

Hum Fauji Initiatives

Defence and Strategic Security – ‘Current India-China Standoff’
13th Sep 2020, Sunday at 11am

For the fauji community, our first Defence and Strategic Security webinar, focused on ‘Current India-China Standoff’ is planned to be conducted for a duration of 90 minutes – 75 minutes of panel discussion, 15 minutes of Q&A.

For this webinar, four of India’s top-most retired armed forces officers have consented to be on the panel –

1. Lt Gen Ata Hasnain, Ex GOC 15 Corps, MS, one of the highest rated defence experts in the country.
2. Lt Gen Subrata Saha, Ex Deputy Chief of Army Staff, Ex GOC 15 Corps, a prolific writer on national security.
3. Lt Gen Anil Ahuja, Ex GOC 4 Corps, ADG MO. Well known for his astute strategic defence insights into the North-East India.
4. Maj Gen SB Asthana, Director, USI. His blog on Indian defence and strategy is very popular and gets huge hits.

Brig Sandeep Thapar (retd), a well-known face on national media on matters of country’s security and strategic defence, has kindly agreed to anchor this webinar.

Hum Fauji Initiatives

Retirement Planning Webinar
6th Sep 2020, Sunday at 11am

Our CEO, Col Sanjeev Govila (retd), would be conducting thisfree webinar on ‘Retirement Planning’ for Indian Armed Forces Officers.

The webinar would be conducted in the same manner as done by him in-location during the Retirement Seminar at Manekshaw Centre, Delhi Cantt and at various armed forces formations and establishments throughout the country, including NDC, AWC, CDM, DSSC, field formations, etc. Duration of the webinar would be approximately 2 hour – 1 ½ hour of presentation and 30 minutes of Q&A.

The Webinar would cover the following and is ideal for retiring and retired Indian armed forces officers, who wish to know the nuances of managing their money when they have retired or planning for it on the way to their retirement coming up shortly. It would cover the following aspects in a simple-to-understand language:-

  • Basic points to keep in mind when approaching retirement
  • To commute or not to commute?
  • How much safety, how much risk with your life-time savings?
  • Do you require a monthly income? Should you continue your SIPs?
  • How to have good tax-efficient returns?
  • Best investment avenues available to you for investing your retirement corpus.
  • How to start – for investments and post-retirement employment?
  • Life and Income hacks for a ‘Golden Retirement’.
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