A Trusted Partnership with the promise of prosperity and abundance. Col Purushottam Shard’s Retirement Planning with Hum Fauji Initiatives

Col Purushottam Shard (Retd) sought out Hum Fauji Initiatives (HFI) following his premature retirement from the Indian Army and subsequent transition into the corporate sector. He was in search of a reliable partner for sustainable investment and comprehensive financial planning. Col Shard discovered that HFI’s customer-driven, transparent and  ethics-centric approach perfectly aligned with his retirement planning philosophy and requirements. 

Financial Challenges and Constraints:

Upon retiring from the Army, Col Shard faced the challenge of finding a trustworthy financial partner who could effectively manage his investments and ensure long-term financial stability. His primary concern was to engage with a financial planner who would prioritise his needs and uphold strong ethical principles, a trait all retiring armed forces officers look for. HFI met these criteria fully, offering the assurance and reliability he required, being an armed forces veteran.

Introduction to Hum Fauji Initiatives:

Col Shard’s relationship with HFI dates back to his days at the National Defence Academy (NDA) with Col Sanjeev Govila, our CEO, being his coursemate. This long-standing connection had been further fostered by a deep sense of trust and confidence as Col Sanjeev Govila became one of the most trusted thought-leaders in the personal finance domain in the country. The CEO’s articles in newspapers and magazines, TV shows, webinars and seminars, and newsletters of HFI resonated with him and HFI became a natural choice for his own financial planning needs.

Experience with Hum Fauji Initiatives:

Col Shard’s experience with Hum Fauji Initiatives over more than a decade has been overwhelmingly positive. The Relationship Managers (RMs) and assigned operations teams have consistently demonstrated promptness and excellence in financial planning, documentation, portfolio management, professionalism and structured follow-ups. They were quick, productive and solution-oriented through telephonic conversations and personal interactions, says Col Shard. He highly values the personalised and responsive service, finding phone calls and in-person meetings particularly fruitful, and preferring these over email communications or formal events such as proprietary ‘Cocktail Samosas’, Investor Awareness Programs (IAPs), Online webinars as well as the offline ‘Meet and Greet’ sessions.

Needless to say, Col Purushottam Shard’s journey with Hum Fauji Initiatives exemplifies a successful partnership built on trust, responsiveness, and mutual respect.

He underlines,

  • HFI’s customer-centric and ethical approach has not only met but well exceeded his expectations.
  • The team ensured his financial stability and peace of mind post-retirement from the armed forces as also after a long stint at high leadership positions in the corporate world.
  • Proactive engagement and the firm’s dedicated support showcase a model of effective financial partnership.

His story underscores the value of personalised financial planning and the importance of having a reliable financial partner like HFI.

Col Shard’s experience with HFI highlights how the right financial guidance can transform a client’s retirement journey, offering peace of mind and confidence about the future.

Make a story of your ‘financial abundance’ with HFI.

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