Mr. Shravan Dhawan

Enhancing Financial Well-being through Holistic Investment Planning

Mrs Rina Dhawan, along with her son Mr. Shravan Dhawan, sought professional assistance in managing their substantial financial resources. Following the demise of Col Sanjay Dhawan, they were in possession of a significant corpus, insurance benefits, and other financial assets. The family’s objective was to optimise their investments, ensure prudent investment planning, and generate wealth through informed decisions.

The Dhawan family learned about Hum Fauji Initiatives (HFI) through a trusted reference, Brig GS Sabherwal, who had enjoyed a long positive experience with us. This personal endorsement led them to explore HFI’s financial advisory and wealth management services as a solution to their financial needs.

Engagement with HFI:

Upon visiting the HFI office, the Dhawans were introduced to Col Sanjeev Govila, CEO of Hum Fauji Initiatives. Col Govila’s deep insights and adept communication skills helped bridge the gap between Mr Shravan Dhawan’s existing knowledge and investment concepts’ complexity. The onboarding process, including making a life-time financial plan for the family, explaining that to the family and handling their queries, setting up investment accounts and initiating investments, was executed seamlessly by the HFI team. This ensured a smooth transition from planning to their investment journey.

Impact of HFI:

With HFI’s guidance, the Dhawan family was empowered to allocate resources strategically. Investments made in alignment with their future financial goals and as per their risk comfort has yielded promising returns over the past one year. The family now enjoys financial security and continued portfolio growth with abundance and financial freedom as the ultimate goal.

Post Sign-Up Client Services: HFI’s commitment to maintaining an open channel of communication through regular emailers, community groups and online Investor Awareness Programs (IAPs) backed with personal interactions plays a crucial role in nurturing a strong client-advisor relationship.

Community Involvement: The Dhawans appreciated Col Govila’s contributions to online platforms, providing valuable insights into investment strategies and market trends that made it all the more easy to understand trends and clarify concerns around them.

Personalised Attention: The proactive engagement with the HFI team demonstrated their genuine care for the Dhawans’ financial well-being. The team’s readiness to accommodate requests and stay updated on changing requirements strengthened their trust in ‘Brand HFI’ as a trustworthy and professional organisation catering exclusively and wholesomely to the armed forces community.


The case of the Dhawan family exemplifies the positive impact of effective investment planning and advisory services provided by a committed and professional company like HFI which truly cares for its clients. By leveraging HFI’s expertise, the family managed to align their financial resources with their aspirations. This has generated steady returns while enjoying a deeper understanding of investment strategies. The strong rapport established with the company’s financial planners has enabled the family to navigate financial management complexities with confidence and optimism in the past and looking forward to continuing the same for the future.

Make a story of your ‘financial abundance’ with HFI.

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