Ms. Anita Mishra (Armed Forces Family Member)

A mixed bag of feelings, a few rounds of edit and alas! a secure financially free mind

Ms Anita approached us with very clear financial goals. She was looking for suitable investment advice on money instruments for adequate wealth creation over the long term. She was keen on building a decent corpus for retirement, emergencies and also wanted to save for her old parents.

Right when she approached team Hum Fauji Initiatives for Financial Planning, she was clear on gaining practical guidance from team HFI. No wonder she had approached us after adequate research and fact checks about Col Sanjeev Govila’s excellent financial planning acumen and had surfed through various financial channels that established his thought leadership in financial advisory for armed forces officers and their families.

M. Anita Mishra, who is a published author, learnt about Hum Fauji Initiatives through her late brother, Col Surya Panda, whose own and family’s portfolio was with us. Col Panda was an EME Officer in the Indian Army, had heard a lot of good words about Col Sanjeev Govila while the latter was in service, and recommended HFI strongly to her.

In her own words:

My brother having invested his hard earned money in HFI and placing his staunch faith in Govila Sir’s integrity and experience, he advised me on the same. Being a civilian, I was initially unsure, but after having gone through all the information, Colonel Govila Sir’s impressive credentials and his commitment towards the welfare of armed forces personnel courtesy my late brother, I decided HFI was just the right-fit financial advisor for me! My own faith in my brother’s prudence, wisdom and knowledge endorsed and sealed my decision to go ahead with HFI. Happy to say – so far so good and I feel my funds are safe with HFI. (Touchwood!)

My experiences with the designated relationship managers and allotted planners at Hum Fauji Initiatives has been a mixed bag! Initially, I was perturbed and disappointed by the frequently changing RMs (Relationship Managers). But with time, this has stabilised thankfully and I am very happy and satisfied with the services provided and my current RM (Priyanshu Chauhan).

Priyanshu is one of the best RMs a client could have! My POV! Thoroughly professional, hands-on, proactive, courteous, sharp, committed, responsible & well-versed with market dynamics and highly responsive. He guides excellently and patiently, is accessible and great at his job. Whenever there is a query where my RMs need to consult the seniors or Col Govila himself, they highlight the suggestions and advice with detailing. I highly recommend him!

He and his allotted team have so far capably handled my portfolio, efficiently. The best part is they recommend tweaks in my portfolio occasionally while keeping me updated. Team Hum Fauji Initiatives is not the one time invest-and-forget planners, they stay cautious about markets, the trends and regulatory changes to ensure we as their investors get the best returns!

Any association in a lifetime comes with its own good and bad. What counts is the overall experience. My experience so far with HFI has been fairly good.

My only grouse was my frequently changing RMs in the initial days as an investor & client. This eased off with time and now I have stability and a team that guides me well, understands my financial goals & requirements and handles my portfolio competently giving me the confidence of being financially free.

I love the fact that my prosperity managers are always keeping me updated beyond my portfolio updates. They are sharing some very useful knowledge in forms of videos, microbytes, the financial cocktail samosa, emailers etc. The webinars, summits and exclusive meet & greets are like the topping on the cake.

Hum Fauji Initiatives is one of the rarest financial companies in India that creates long-term personal financial strategies for its clients. Ethics, Transparency & Efficiency are the hallmarks of HFI’s processes. I am indeed proud and feel associated with the Indian Army through my association with HFI, courtesy my late brother who played a key role in ensuring that my money was placed in capable hands for a secure and safe future.

I so look forward to this continued good spell of TRUST, ETHICS, TRANSPARENCY, EFFICIENCY & MORE with HFI and Team!

Make a story of your ‘financial abundance’ with HFI.

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