Do Armed forces officers need civil Health Insurance?

Many of the officers, serving or retired, have had some bad experience with military hospitals or ECHS and feel a private medical insurance will be better for them for a small annual premium to be paid.

We do not agree with this due to the following:
· A private hospital is a profit-making venture. You can never be sure that the treatment being suggested is a genuine medical requirement by your body or a profit-making move by the hospital. This point is SERIOUS.
· For medical insurance businesses, claims paid is profits reduced – don’t forget this. Fauji hospitals have no such ‘incentive’.
· The premiums will increase hugely as the age advances.
· Medical Insurance has no OPD facility available in general. If you do take OPD facility, premium goes up substantially.
· ECHS has very good systems and procedures – most of us don’t know about it and are thus not able to use it optimally.

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