Luxury Residential Project on Dwarka X-Way ONLY for Faujis – by Hum Fauji Initiatives

Luxury Residential Project on Dwarka X-Way ONLY for Faujis – by Hum Fauji Initiatives

Luxury Residential Project on Dwarka X-Way ONLY for Faujis – by Hum Fauji Initiatives

What do you look for in your own House?

  • Great Location
  • Great amenities
  • Top-quality Construction
  • Great Prices
  • Own Community

Keeping this clearly in mind, we bring you a residential complex which is:-

  1. Location: On Dwarka X-Way – In Gurgaon Sectors 110A – 113, sectors closest to Delhi.
  2. Amenities: With luxury specifications and top-of-the-line amenities – what you aspire for in your own home and much better than most of the builders on Dwarka X-Way and Delhi-NCR.
  3. Quality: By one of the best builders of Luxury projects on Dwarka X-Way. Already have their projects delivered and families staying, where the superb quality of construction and amenities delivered can be seen.
  4. Prices: At hugely negotiated prices – prices arrived at after about a year of negotiations with the builders.
  5. Own Community: ONLY for armed forces officers & their families – Like AWHO and AFNHB flats.

Who is it for?

Only for Armed Forces (Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force) officers and their families (Spouse, Son or Daughter only). Nobody else. So, you get the same reasons to apply for it as you do for AWHO and AFNHB Flats, with the added advantage of competitive prices, luxury specifications, and bountiful amenities.

Due to completely fauji community, it would be an ideal place for booking on a group basis for Coursemates, Regimental groups, your NDC / HC / HDMC / DSSC / Degree / YO, and other course groups.

Attractive discounts would be given for collective bookings of 5 and more flats together.

Where is it?

We are in negotiations with Three of the top builders on Dwarka X-Way for the past One year and have almost finalised now. We cannot give out the name officially right now since, while the licences to construct have been received, RERA is still awaited – it is likely to be granted within 30 – 75 days. The project will ONLY be in Gurgaon Sectors 110A, 111, 112, or 113. There will be no deviation to this at all and we have been negotiating only with the builders who have a sufficient land parcel in any of these sectors. These sectors are next to Dwarka, Delhi, and hence very close to Delhi Cantt, Shankar Vihar, DSOI Gurgaon, and the Airport. In fact, DSOI Gurgaon is just slightly more than walking distance!

As far as Dwarka X-Way is concerned, it is the most promising area in the whole of Delhi-NCR. After years of problems, the same is now ripe for a take-off now with superb infrastructure, top-of-the line amenities, and all major planned infrastructure now ready to be delivered within a maximum of 2 years. Large number of families are already living in sectors which are much further ahead than the ones where our project is planned. To know more about Dwarka X-Way, you may see these videos and many more such videos available online:

What Construction and Specifications to Expect?

The project will have top-of-the-line specifications in a 7 Acre plot with approx 300 flats of 2 BHK, 3 BHK, and 3BHK + Servant Quarter (SQ) configuration in Phase 1, with adequate area for more flats if demand so comes in. The details (Approximate) are as below:-

  • 2BHK – Unit Type B1 – super area 1076 sq ft – carpet area 850 sqft
  • 3 BHK – Unit Type A1 – super area 1519 sq ft – carpet area 1200 sqft
  • 3 BHK + SQ – Unit Type A2 – super area 1595 sq ft – carpet area 1260 sqft

There will be two towers with 35-40 stories each.

It will be Mivan construction, adequate basement parking, very low loading (implying high carpet area to super area ratio), and all other such specifications that you would expect from any top builder providing luxury housing.

Please note that Mivan is the latest construction technology the world over which ensures a smooth finish, very low subsequent maintenance cost, and a superior quality of construction. High Carpet to Super area ratio ensures that you get more usable area inside your house, rather than wasted in common areas.

What Amenities to Expect?

As it is to be luxury housing, all such amenities that cater to a comfortable and high-end lifestyle will be there. High end fittings, tiles, paints, windows, and doors will be a norm. Laminated wooden flooring in the master bedroom, modular kitchen with chimney and hob, cupboards in bedrooms, premium quality modular switches, all-copper wiring, and high-speed elevators will also be part of the offering. VRV Airconditioning (Variable Refrigerant Volume or simply, single outdoor and multi-delivery units) of a top AC company in each house would also be provided to reduce clutter and for best air conditioning efficiency.

At the central level, a minimum of 25,000 sq ft state-of-the-art club house with swimming pool, luxury mini-theatre with seating for 30-50 people, gymnasium, billiards room, yoga room, cards room, and a party hall with a well-designed bar; Squash court, tennis court and indoor badminton court; Children outdoor and indoor play area; Utility Centre for immediate needs like ATM, grocery and medicines; Central security system with cameras and intercom; etc would be all there. In short, much more than what you would expect, and in a superior quality and finish would be there.

What prices to expect?

We expect the final price to be around Rs 7500 per sq ft. In fact, we get a capability to further negotiate better prices with the builders if we get high number of Expressions of Interest (EOI) from officers now since it will further increase our bargaining power. Please remember that these prices are at a low loading ratio, implying that you get more carpet area for the same super area, compared to almost any other builder in that area.

At the super area rate of Rs 7500 per sq ft, the approximate costs are likely to be:-

  • 2 BHK will cost Rs 81 Lakhs + GST,
  • 3 BHK Rs 1.14 Crores + GST and
  • 3 BHK + SQ will cost Rs 1.2 Crores + GST.

These prices are approximate. This price, as you will easily notice, is the very lowest in the area of any top developer dealing with this kind of luxury housing, when you consider the prime sectors 110A – 113 where we are bringing this project. Generally, the prices are in the 8500 – 10,500 per sq ft range in that area.

We are also confident of bringing the cost further down if the initial response to the Expression of Interest is good.

As an additional security assurance to you, we would be giving the payments to the builder firmly linked to speed of construction. To build in more safety into this project, the last payment of a large amount of about 40% of the total cost would be payable only at the time of possession. This is very reassuring, will push the builder for faster construction and for those who take a loan for the flats, the interest costs will be lower due to the delayed need for final loan instalment.

What is the Status now?

The land is already available with the three builders we are negotiating with. Licence to construct has been obtained. RERA is being applied for and will be received within 30-75 days, after which construction will start. We expect the construction to start by Jan-Feb 2021 and it will take Four years for the project to be ready, which means delivery by around Dec 2024.

RERA approved project further implies high security for the flat owners and timely completion. Due to the reputation of the builders chosen, tie-ups will happen with many banks for home loan if so required.

How do I go ahead?

Right now, we are taking Expressions of Interest (EoI) from the interested officers. The steps would be as follows:-

  1. Please make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria of being an armed forces officer (a serving or retired Indian Army, Navy or Air Force officer) or a family member of such an officer.
  2. Please go to the link and fill in the details expressing your interest (EoI) in the project. Please note that this step is important to fix your seniority for allotment of the flat of your choice on ‘first-come-first-served’ basis.
  3. You would be required to deposit an amount of Rs 51,000/- as your EoI amount into our bank account to indicate your seriousness for the project. Our bank account details to pay this amount are:-​
    – Account No 057105000790
    – Payable to : Hum Fauji Initiatives
    – Bank: ICICI Bank, Sector 7, Dwarka, New Delhi-110077
    – MICR Code: 110229068; IFSC Code: ICIC0000571
    Alternately, you can use this PayUMoney link to pay the amount:
  4. Please let us know your payment details on, or SMS or whatsapp on phone number 98108 01820 giving this information of you having paid the EoI deposit along with your name, mail ID and payment details.In case you wish to withdraw from the project any time before you have paid the booking amount, this amount of Rs 51,000/- would be refunded to you within Seven working days of your request for withdrawal is received. No interest will be paid on this EoI amount.
  5. The allotment of preferred flat(s) would be strictly on First-come-first-served basis. Seniority for this purpose will count from EoI date and time. Subsequently, when the EoI part is over, it will count from the date and time of registration.
  6. When the scheme is finally launched, you would be required to pay the booking amount (likely Jan – Feb 2021), wherein this amount of Rs 51,000/- will be adjusted as a part payment. Once the booking amount is paid and if you wish to withdraw from the project, then your refund will be as per the rules of the project which will be explained to you before the booking amount is asked for from you.
  7. Other details, like the proposed layout, sizes of the rooms, costs, and likely payment plan etc will be shared with you once you connect with us. To know more about the project and how the whole thing is going to pan out, you may ring up Brig MC Pant (retd) on phone number 98108 01820.
  8. If you wish, site visits can also be organised



These flats are being launched for the personal use of officers. We sincerely advise you not to buy them for investment purpose.

While Dwarka X-Way is the fastest growing area in Delhi-NCR and the location of this project will probably be the very best on the entire X-Way, the current real estate scenario and its future projections are not conducive to residential real estate for investment purpose in our opinion. If you still decide to go ahead against our advice and buy it for investment purpose, please take a very deliberate decision on it.

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