How you can nurture a culture of wellness

How you can nurture a culture of wellness

How you can nurture a culture of wellness

The culture or the environment of an organisation has a significant impact on employees’ productivity, and likewise, employees’ productivity has a great impact on the growth of the organisation. Organisations these days are increasingly realizing that their actions in the workplace can positively affect the health and well-being of their employees, and so they are finding ways to improve and nurture the culture of the workplaces. Many organisations implement wellness programs but they may or may not create a true culture of well-being. But what will surely work is a positive outlook to bring about few simple yet impactful changes in the workplace.

The workplace should be inspiring – Although remote working is on the rise, workplaces are still considered as the productive places to get work done. But unfortunately, many employees describe their workplaces as least inspiring. Organisations should always aim at creating well designed as well as inspiring work environment to propel productivity at work. Although the desire for natural light, private spaces, standing desks, lounge areas could sound fancy or a costly affair to most companies but an inspiring workplace doesn’t mean that you have to bring about a lot of change or have to break the bank to keep the employees happy. Put up flexible furniture for multiple uses, use an underused boardroom for increased collaboration, turn an empty wall into a dart zone or put up some well-said quotes. Utilising office spaces and introducing little fun elements would not only transform the environment less stressed but would also open the doors for inspiration.

Make rules to break the monotony – All work and no play do make people dull, so organisations should always encourage employees to take breaks in between work. Given the work pressure, the general tendency of most employees is that they prefer eating lunch at their desk every single day. We ourselves must have done that so many times. But it’s a proven fact in any field that people feel more productive after a break. So make it a mandate to take an hour’s break or introducing ‘no sitting at the desk for lunch’ rule to push employees to unwind and increase their productivity.

Focus on professional development – Having the right tools available is a major step towards a better workplace. Also having the most up to date technology and software solutions on hand, provides a way for employees to continually better themselves at work, improving retention rates. You may also include a year-long personal growth program, and have managers work with employees to reach their goals. And don’t forget to reward (besides appraisal) them in some way for their hard work.

Adopt flexible work hours and paid time off – If you haven’t already done this, do it as soon as possible. Stress is a killer, and there’s nothing more stressful in today’s life than juggling life and work commitments. Allowing flexible time, ‘work from home’ option, and ensuring people have the right technology that enables them to work, gives people control of their lives and goes a long way toward fostering employee loyalty. Plus, when they inevitably come down with an illness like the flu, they won’t feel pressured to bring those germs into the office, possibly infecting colleagues.

Building a culture of well-being is far more beneficial than simply developing a wellness program and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Follow these strategies and help your organization create lasting positive change in employees’ well-being.

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