How to find the right person for your organisation

How to find the right person for your organisation

How to find the right person for your organisation

Like most job responsibilities, hunting for the right kind of talent for your organisation can be overwhelming as well as baffling. To fill your cubicles with people who will contribute their best to the organisation is something you cannot predict beforehand. But all you can do is take rounds of interviews to test and re-test their potential. Now, there seems to be a lot of different strategies and opinions on what works best. However one point everybody will agree: If you get talent recruitment wrong, it can be very costly! So what’s the strategy for not going wrong? For managers to hire the right talents for their team today, they have to unlearn everything they know about hiring from past experience and reconstruct the objectives, approach and measurements to hire the right people for the team from scratch. Here are few key points to take note of when finding and retaining the right talents for your organisation:

Identify your organisation’s goal – Creating an ‘ideal’ team means the result you want them to achieve after a period of time. And before you search for talents to fit into that team, you have to decide the team’s goal before anything else. This will help you pick the kind of talents you will retain and recruit to achieve your goal. Maintaining the status quo will mean bringing in talents of similar skills and experiences as existing members.

Understand what talent best suit your organisation – Be thorough with Talent Magnetism which is all about attracting the right people for your organization. Be very specific with what sort of talent you are looking for. The easiest way to do is to take a close look at the most successful people in your organization, their traits and competencies. That would give you a fair idea of selecting people who have these traits in common. For instance one company may want to fill its cubicles with out-of-the-box entrepreneurial thinkers, while another may value thoughtful, deliberative, method driven executives. What’s right for others may be absolutely wrong for your organisation. So, identify the kind of talents you need before going ahead with selection.

Don’t follow the pattern – A weak resume may not always prove that the candidate isn’t strong. Test him or her and you may end up hiring an underappreciated star. A common trait of organisations is to impose previously identified (and sometimes flawed) patterns onto new situations. If you discontinue following this trend, it can become a source of competitive advantage. For example, hiring managers may automatically assume that because someone is over the age of 50, he won’t be technically savvy. Or, a fresher won’t be having a fair idea about the industry. In many cases, this couldn’t be further than the truth. Be open-minded when bringing in new people and you’ll be surprised by their talent or their dedication to flourish.

Be careful who you promote – Be very selective when promoting people to management and be sure to reward them for the right behaviour and the value they put in as a responsible team member. Provide opportunities for continued growth so they can fine-tune their skills, be an ideal leader and improve the performance of his team as well. If you promote people carelessly, they can harm the moral of entire organization.

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